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Current Class:  "Messianic Prophecy" 

Our new study will be called "Messianic Prophecy" -- that is, prophecies having to do with the coming of Christ into the world. The Bible says, "the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy" (Rv.19:10). The prophetic nature of the Bible foretold nearly every aspect of the life of Christ, from His pre-existence to His ascent to the throne as King. It is covered in direct prophecies, as well as types and shadows. This should be a "faith-building" study, increasing our faith in the inspiration of the Scriptures!

Zoom  Class Time: Every Wednesdays at 7:00pm

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Prior Classes: Revelation- Victory in Jesus

Synopsis: The book of Revelation was written to provide comfort, consolation, and bring hope to suffering Christians in the first century and beyond. While the apocalyptic writing style is unfamiliar to us, God’s message in Revelation for Christians then and now is clear: our Lord is seated on the throne and is ruler of all. He has already won the victory, and if we forego the temptation to be drawn to this world and all it’s fleshly desires, and instead live for Jesus, then we too can be victorious through Him!

Recordings of past classes are  saved in the below of Revelation Zoom classes:

101/13/21Chapter 1 
201/20/21Chapter 1-2 
301/27/21Chapter 2-3 
402/03/21Chapter 3 
502/10/21Chapter 3-4 
602/17/21Chapter 4-6 
702/24/21Chapter 6-7 
803/03/21Chapter 7-10 
903/10/21 No Class
1003/17/21 No Class
1103/24/21Chapter 11-12 
1203/31/21Chapter 12-13 
1304/07/21Chapter 14-16 
1404/14/21Chapter 17-19 
1504/21/21Chapter 19-20 
1604/28/21Chapter 20-21 
1705/05/21Chapter 21-22